HI ITS BEEN A WHILE DAMMIT I feel bad bc like a month ago I said I would post and never did LOL. I haven’t been on this site and graal and im super sorry so heres some crappy heads. <3

I can’t remember what source this head comes from bc it was a personal and I did this a while back. but I was using colors off another site and when I was editing I noticed that the head looked exactly alike omg

I feel bad bc it seems like copied the whole head but I sWEAR I ONLY GOT THE COLORS FROM THE HEAD NOT THE FACE OKAy but anyways I just want to give her some credit bc her gfx site is really amazing and its better than any heads I’ve ever done so she really deserves more views oooo. her site is http://kelsiesgfx.wordpress.com/ you should really check it out yeee

anyways blehhh heres some crappy heads 4 your dayyy <3 i’ll be back someday. byebye. xx

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Edit as you like, but please don’t claim as your own. thank you bbys. xx


Graal: *my name is blank but my guild is (Misery)* Im rarely on though. ;-;

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hi (doina)

hi i sk8 8 weeks this summer

im dead

like i jsut not good at making stuff anymore re r e re r er


holy shat we have lots of views


mimi u missed my bday hoe dare u


do people still check this site???? (mimimimi)

helLOOoOOooO it is I. well i havent been on this site or graal for about 50 days i think (dang son) weLl i thought maybe id update it yo

so like a while ago i, as some people say, /quit/ (my keyBOARDS MESSED UP I CANT FIND THE QUOTATION MARks) and well i edited a head and idk if i should post it on here since i quit but i guess thats why im posting rN

heres a {ittle sample of the head just in case any of you want to see what it looks like, and vote if i should post it or nahhhH

(i dont remember where i originally got them so yolo)

well yeah, ill check the site in like a day or 2 and ya ya ya okay bye heartheartheart

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oi (deeeena)

  1. hi
  2. everyone
  3. is
  4. dead
  5. and
  6. so
  7. is
  8. this
  9. site
  10. x.x
  11. heh
  12. MIxxed
  13. if u like it
  14. cred to lucy and sophie
  15. ya and if u want to upload, save this image and go to the link below:
  16. http://loginclassic1.graalonline.com:8080/submit.html
  17. read terms of use PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE ->
  18. plus give credit credit
  19. creditsssss

im only posting cus this post gets delivered to mia’s mail and sends her a notifacation ;) (deena)

^- thats not the only reason obviouslyyy (although deena is  the kind of person who would do such thing) hehe so i have some heads that were gonna be my custom but then i decided nooo. so have fun with this head

i made it pink and left it pink

but i made it blink :)))))))))))




want to upload? save this image click the link below: