Well Well Well (Mimi *Dasi)

i dont think anyone checks this site anymore but if u do helo :’)
its been forever since this site has been alive oops but it might come back?????*,#”(!&!!?!?!?


if this youtube account hits 1k i’ll dig this website from the grave and start it up again with deena
hell yeah im advertising!!!! but ya ill even do personal requests or something like that if it reaches 1k lol im being held against my own will pls save me and get it to 1k okay bye

if Mex doesnt reach 1k even with this then his youtube channel really does suck damn //:

also the contact info is updated so if you wanna send me hate or something like that its on there bye!!! 💕

hii (dna)

hi omg lol

anyone still visit this dead af site?

probably not because wow we suck

if you still visit this site, wow lol

im not even on graal anymore like dont expect me to do any gfx

unless a lot of people still visit this site lol

comment if u still visit bc i dont know how to add a poll

its updated idk how to do this

Helo (Mimi)

fuck u mae

pinnedbackhair2 pinnedbackhairblack pinnedbackhairbrown

Edit as you like, but please don’t claim as your own. thank you bbys. xx


Graal: *my name is blank but my guild is (Misery)* Im rarely on though. ;-;

Instagram : @kpoploser <– follow if ya want heh

Kik: daisysux <– if ya wanna chat <3


hi (doina)



holy shat we have lots of views


mimi u missed my bday hoe dare u


oi (deeeena)

  1. hi
  2. everyone
  3. is
  4. dead
  5. and
  6. so
  7. is
  8. this
  9. site
  10. x.x
  11. heh
  12. MIxxed
  13. if u like it
  14. cred to lucy and sophie
  15. ya and if u want to upload, save this image and go to the link below:
  16. http://loginclassic1.graalonline.com:8080/submit.html
  17. read terms of use PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE ->
  18. plus give credit credit
  19. creditsssss