heyoooo (Mimi)

oh my god its been so long since we’ve updatED literally the last time i remember actually being active on here was when i was a little tiny bean buT yo girl grown up now :’) ((jk i just barely turned 14 so im still a lil bean))

bUt i think im going to be a little more active on graal??? I think its been over a year since ive actually actively been on graal and i thinK i might be able to get into it for now bc this summer is XXXXtra boring rip

sooo if i do get into graal im also going to try to get into gfx again oOoo so just in case i do i want to know if people even actually check this site lol so please take this poll okay bye thank you <3

also add me on graal bc im so lonely hajdsjdhsja my guild on classic is Sarang and my guild on era is Memories !! okay bye ily

hii (dna)

hi omg lol

anyone still visit this dead af site?

probably not because wow we suck

if you still visit this site, wow lol

im not even on graal anymore like dont expect me to do any gfx

unless a lot of people still visit this site lol

comment if u still visit bc i dont know how to add a poll

its updated idk how to do this

meowoowoowowow (Mimi)

i havent updated in 4 months oh my goD

i know i promised i would update with new heads but i never did jkfdjooedjjks. well i started playing graal again so i decided to trY to update more. woohoo ya

well i’ll try to keep this short since no one reads these thingS but i hav some sample of heads from a while back, they’re really simple edits of jsi’s heads but i still want to share them since theyve been on my computer for waaY too long lol

heres the samples ~ i’m not sure if they’re the type of heads you guys want sO vote if i should upload them or not! it’s been a while since i’ve done gfx so i’m not as good as before but i’ll try to get better as i play more. ill try to update more and get better at gfx, thank you guys for always checking on this boring old site. <3


500k?? (Mimi)

helloooooo. i’ve finally checked this site after months omfg. this site is dead but hfkdkgke we’re so close to 500k. i was thinking of playing graal again so I made customs for it, but then found out i wont be able to even play it that much, so i totally gave up on it lol. but honestly the heads to me were really cute so i wanted to share them with you! i still have to make other colors for it so hopefully it wont take long. (: i’ll try to update as soon as we reach it! i don’t have accsess to the computer very often so sorry if i don’t update quick enough! hopefully we get there soon, I love you guys!

SNS (if you want to contact me! :))

Graal Classic – blank name but you can find me through the guild ‘misery’

Graal era – blank name but you can find me through the gang ‘memories’

Graal IG – hopefully making one soon!

Kik – daisysux < chat with me if ypu’d like! graal related or just random. :)


HI ITS BEEN A WHILE DAMMIT I feel bad bc like a month ago I said I would post and never did LOL. I haven’t been on this site and graal and im super sorry so heres some crappy heads. <3

I can’t remember what source this head comes from bc it was a personal and I did this a while back. but I was using colors off another site and when I was editing I noticed that the head looked exactly alike omg

I feel bad bc it seems like copied the whole head but I sWEAR I ONLY GOT THE COLORS FROM THE HEAD NOT THE FACE OKAy but anyways I just want to give her some credit bc her gfx site is really amazing and its better than any heads I’ve ever done so she really deserves more views oooo. her site is http://kelsiesgfx.wordpress.com/ you should really check it out yeee

anyways blehhh heres some crappy heads 4 your dayyy <3 i’ll be back someday. byebye. xx

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Edit as you like, but please don’t claim as your own. thank you bbys. xx


Graal: *my name is blank but my guild is (Misery)* Im rarely on though. ;-;

Instagram : @kpoploser <– follow if ya want heh

Kik: daisysux <– if ya wanna chat <3


hi (doina)

hi i sk8 8 weeks this summer

im dead

like i jsut not good at making stuff anymore re r e re r er


holy shat we have lots of views


mimi u missed my bday hoe dare u


do people still check this site???? (mimimimi)

helLOOoOOooO it is I. well i havent been on this site or graal for about 50 days i think (dang son) weLl i thought maybe id update it yo

so like a while ago i, as some people say, /quit/ (my keyBOARDS MESSED UP I CANT FIND THE QUOTATION MARks) and well i edited a head and idk if i should post it on here since i quit but i guess thats why im posting rN

heres a {ittle sample of the head just in case any of you want to see what it looks like, and vote if i should post it or nahhhH

(i dont remember where i originally got them so yolo)

well yeah, ill check the site in like a day or 2 and ya ya ya okay bye heartheartheart

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